Once upon a time in 1974 Thomas and Mary Baker decided to buy a shop on Evans Ave for ceramics. For years they sold, bought, and taught to the artists of Denver and all across the US. They taught technique in ceramics and manufactured all they sold.  Their family joined into the business, some family members grew up in the store.

    Then in 2016 Shirley Margraf and Larry Roberts purchased the property. They began to remodel and even kept a family member,  Mike who grew up with the business.

    We have over 20,000 molds and still do most of the original business plus much more.  We decided to have the Antiques and collectables as well.  Shirley had stores in Wisconsin and loves Antiques as well as art.

    We will continue to have new ideas into the future. We also hope that you will love our store new and old.

Thank You.